About me:

Jan Hangeland grew up in a family surrounded with photo enthusiasts. At age 2, his Teddy Bear was his grandparents old Kodak (profile photo).

As a teenager he spent all his money to buy his first SLR. His ambition was to become a professional photographer. At age 15 he worked as a student in a local photo outlet store. The shop photographer didn’t recommend him the education unless he wanted to end up behind the desk, selling photo gear.
This was not Jan’s intention and it killed his dream of what to do, as a photographer.

At this age Jan had already picked up the guitar and the music now became his new passion.
He didn’t end up as a musician but become later an electronic & electrical engineer, traveling the world.

After the digital camera revolution, Jan picked up his passion for photography again.

His background as a musician, combined with the camera in his hand, has lead Jan to become a demanded photographer for concerts and live music.

Jan is photographer for senior editor John Kelman at allaboutjazz.com, the world largest webpage for Jazz Music.
Jan is festival photographer for the Canal Street Jazz & Blues Festival and has been working as a photographer for Rikskonsertene, the federal concert arranger in Norway.

Jan Hangeland’s photos has been used by musicians like;
Chick Corea, Marcus Miller, Stanley Clarke, David Sanborn, Robben Ford, Dean Brown, Hiram Bullock, Bill Evans, Larry Coryell, Victor Bailey, Jon Hassel & ECM Records.

If you like to assign Jan to do a job or use some of his photos, please contact

Jan Hangeland

Email: janhangeland(at)yahoo.no

All photos are copyrighted.

Jan Hangeland